پنچری - ژل ضد پنچری

• PRE-Puncture Tyre Sealant
• Prevents punctures, leakages and deflation
• Seals punctures as you drive
• Decreases DOWNTIME costs
• Seals up to 20-30mm punctures

• Non-Toxic & Non-Flammable
• Environmentally-Friendly
• Anti-Corrosive rust inhibitor
• Coolant - reducing overheating of tyre
• Working temperature - 30°C to +60°C

• Does not damage rubber, tyre or rims
• Decreases high maintenance costs
• Seals hidden cracks & air leaks
• Long term puncture protection
• 1.62 x Stronger than a vulcanised repair

• Offers security of Safety
• Instant sealing capability
• Long self-life
• Multiple-Sealing capability
• Extends working life of tyre

Advanced product experience - more than 37 years on the market
Designed and engineered with EU Rubber Technology Research Institute
Manufactured and Approved to ISO 9001 standards
Tested by MRPRA, GEROTEK Institute Test facility, UK Ministry of Defence
Used by Manitou, Michelin, Renault, SAAB, Volvo and JCB
Used by N.A.T.O and S.E.A.T.0 military forces, British Army, United Nations agencies

OKO is injected into the tyre BEFORE a puncture occurs. OKO remains liquid inside the tyre providing a protective coat and layer against any punctures that may occur. When a puncture happens, air pressure forces OKO into the hole whilst the tyre is moving, whereby OKO immediately forms a hard and strong air-tight seal.

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